Alma M Carpenter Public Library

About Us

Who We Are

The Alma M. Carpenter Public Library is located at 300 South Ann Street in Sour Lake, Texas. We provide free library services to all residents living within the State of Texas.

Our selection holds over 15,000 materials including books, DVDs, and audio books that cover a broad range of genres that are accessible to all ages. We help thousands of people each year by giving them access to the internet, printers, fax machines, and various reference materials.

Our friendly and professional staff is eager to help you.

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Our Mission

We believe in meeting the needs of our diverse and unique community. We value intellectual freedom, and strive to provide access to the information necessary to enhance the skills, talents, of all its citizens.

Our Vision

The Alma Carpenter Public Library will be a center for personal growth, an extension of education, and enrichment for our community.